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We are a group of friends, we share the same passion: Harley Davidson motorcycles. From this passion for motorcycles, as well as the shared experiences in rallies, events, routes, etc. was created in 2007 the H-DC-ESPAÑA-GUADALAJARA association.


We are a small and young group, in a province as large as sparsely populated,  with virtually no  tradition biker.  However we have no borders, these are not in our thinking, treating them as brothers to the colleagues regardless of their geographical location. Our passion for this world allows us to enjoy what we like more. 


Our purposes are to roll, make friends and miles, with those who share our same passion. Spend good times and live experiences. Both mounted on bikes and strutted for the same.

This pillar of friendship is the walking stick on which rests the H-DC-ESPAÑA-GUADALAJARA.



We seek good relations of friendship, fellowship and complicity, with all the groups, Clubs and Free, who share our purposes and way of seeing the bike.


We look forward to sharing both ourselves and our machines, pleasant moments, enriching experiences and friendship, with all lovers of the world of motorcycles. 

We'll see you … … …




Descripción de la imagen
Descripción de la imagen